Odd Johan Fritzøe


Arts Council Norway (Kulturrådet), founded in 1965, is a government agency under the Ministry of Culture. The Council allocates grants for artistic and cultural endeavors across the country and promotes new projects in these areas. The Council oversees the activities of the Norwegian Cultural Fund (Norsk kulturfond), Norwegian Arts Scholarship Scheme (Statens kunstnerstipendier), Norwegian Fund for Sound and Image (Fond for lyd og bilde) and other governmental schemes. The Council provided funds for «Zooom», «Residents – A Construction Kit», «Adventura Anatomica» ,»Balls» and «Adventura botanica». Fritzøe has been awarded several travel, study, and work grants, and is ensured a minimum income for artists under the Norwegian Arts Scholarship Scheme.

Located in Hamar the Hedmark Touring Organization (Turnèorganisasjonen for Hedmark – ToH) was founded 21 June 1991. Concerts Norway (Rikskonsertene) had always organized concerts, shows, and performances, but from that year Norwegian schoolchildren were given an opportunity to enjoy theatrical productions, meet writers and visual artists, and see exhibitions and ballets. The system was renamed School Kit (Skolepakka ) and became the main focus of the Hedmark Touring Organization. In 2007, the organization was given responsibility for upper secondary schools. ToH is the educational body responsible for the Cultural Rucksack (Den kulturelle skolesekken – DKS), a scheme designed to let schoolchildren enjoy all kinds of artistic and cultural activities. The 22 municipalities in the county of Hedmark are committed to ensuring all schools in their area are visited. ToH produced «Star. * – A sound installation for two dancers» in 1997, «Me & You»  in 2001. and coproduced in 2002 «Residents – A Construction Kit» . Starting in 2013, Fritzøe is on the road in Hedmark with the show «Adventura botanica», in partnership with Concerts Norway.

Norway’s parliament adopted in 1956 a law on the use of recordings of performing artists, at the time LPs and tape recordings. The following year, the Fund for Performing Artists (Fond for utøvende kunstnere - FFUK) was created . Cultural activity is its mandate and funds are allotted to professional artists living and working in Norway. The Fund’s mission is to give the public access to live performances across genres and artist categories. It has supported most of Fritzøe’s shows – see the statistics – and helped fund productions, tours, and travel – along with providing training scholarships. 

Formerly Cassette Fee Fund (Kassettavgiftsfondet), the Norwegian Fund for Sound and Image (Fond for Lyd og Bilde) compensates rightsholders for the legal copying of their work for private use. Most the Fund’s capital is earmarked projects that meet the Fund’s statutory criteria. The Fund also supports the revival of stage shows, such as the 1994 revival of «There’s a negro in the yard – mother dear», «Residents – A Construction Kit» in 2011, and «Snow» in 2010. The Fund has also supported productions such as «Zooom» and  «Adventura anatomica».

Norwegian Center for Technology in Music and the Arts (Norsk organisasjon for teknologi, akustikk og musikk - NOTAM) was established officially in 1992 with contributions from the Ministry of Culture, Arts Council Norway and Ministry of Education, Research, and Church Affairs. The organization was renamed Norwegian Center for Technology in Music and the Arts in 2008. NOTAM provided the workshop for the creation of the soundtrack to «Star. * – A sound installation for two dancers» and later co-produced and built sound sculptures for «Residents – A Construction Kit», «Balls» and «Adventura botanica».

The organization celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2014. It was originally established and owned by the organization Performing Arts Hub Norway (Danse- og Teatersentrum). Today NTNPA (Norsk Scenekunstbruk), an independent limited company, is the leading sponsor of the performing arts in Norway. The organization arranges activities related to the Cultural Rucksack scheme and its repertory is based on revivals. The Cultural Rucksack is a joint venture between the Ministries of Culture and Education. NTNPA ’s repertory includes “Residents – A Construction Kit”, “Star. * – A sound installation for two dancers” and “Balls”.

A regional production organization for professional dancers, it is supported by the Arts Council, Nord-Trøndelag County Council, and the Municipality of Inderøy. Conceived and realized by dancer/choreographer Anna Hegdahl, it acts today as a platform for research, stagings and education in the art of dance in Trøndelag. The project provides information on and facilitates regional, national, and international partnerships. Dance in the county of Nord-Trøndelag  (Dans i Nord-Trøndelag - D-NT) revived «Star. * – A sound installation for two dancers» and «Residents – A Construction Kit». D-NT and Odd Johan Fritzøe are working together on several artistic projects. 

The National Library (Najonalbiblioteket) collects, preserves, and enables access to published works in all types of media. In 1998, a major part of the University Library was transferred to the National Library, with branches at Solli Plass in Oslo and in Mo i Rana. In 2014 the National Library and Odd Johan Fritzøe entered into a written agreement on the legal deposit of web pages at www.oddjohanfritzoe.no. The National Library also holds an 89-page breakdown of Fritzøe’s artistic work – lending specimens can be found at Henrik Ibsen’s gate 110, Oslo. As an administrative and research library, the National Library is a vital part of the infrastructure of the Norwegian research establishment. The National Library is also a political tool designed to facilitate the lasting preservation of Norway’s cultural heritage. Based on knowledge gained in the development of services and on past experience, the National Library has a special responsibility to foster and strengthen libraries in Norway as active and relevant social institutions. As the national agency in the library sector, the National Library informs and implements government policy on public and academic libraries. 

Dance Information Norway (Danseinformasjon) stores data on current shows in which Norwegian dancers are involved. Dance Information was established in March 1994 as a foundation by the Norwegian Ballet Association on funds provided by the Ministry of Culture. Its name then was Center for Dance. Under its mandate, the foundation owns and manages Dance Information and promotes the art of dance in general through a range of different activities. 

The National touring theater (Riksteatret)  is a government-run touring theater, established by a law of 13 December 1948. In 1993 the National touring theatre received earmarked funds to promote the field of dance. During 1993, a year dedicated to dance, the show «There’s a negro in the yard – mother dear» toured Norway and in 2001 theater director Bente Erichsen commissioned the ballet «Zooom» for a new nationwide tour. Fritzøe also toured with «Pinocchio» in 1993 on the theater boat Innvik. 

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