Odd Johan Fritzøe


Choreography: Odd Johan Fritzøe
Scenography: Karl Hansen
Music: Bjarne Kvinnsland
Costumes: Kathrine Tolo
Animations: Espen Tversland
Lighting: Yngve Sandboe
Dancers: Pernille Bønkan, Thomas Gundersen, Hanna Mjåvatn, Torunn Robstad, Cecilie L. Steen, Chenno Tim, Åshild Thinn and young dancers from Kirsti Skullerud’s ballet school.
Musicians: Markus Hernes & Eirik Raude
Producer: Odd Johan Fritzøe

Premiere 26 February 2009, Bærum Kulturhus

Inspired by fairy tales and myths from snowy landscapes. Glaciers, expeditions, frozen hearts and snowstorms in an all-white setting. The beautiful stage design and graphic animations create movement in light, color, and shadow together with the dancers, big and small. Odd Johan Fritzøe was awarded the 2009 Critics’ Prize for this ballet.

You can watch the performance here: 
Photo: Nicky Twang