Odd Johan Fritzøe

Midsummer´s Eve

The artist Einar Øfsti painted Midsummer´s Eve in 1901 and as stagedecor it inspires to play with myths and fairytales from the region of Trøndelag in Norway. Rich in history and arts from the Middle Age - here the Christians were hindered by pagans of the north. With his violin, the folk musician Gjermund Larsen, plays live on stage and the four dancers tumbles and dances around this nocturnal celebration of midsummer magic.

Choreografy: Odd Johan Fritzøe
Scenography: Reproduction of painting by Einar Øfsti
Music: Gjermund Larsen
Studiomusicians: Tor Haugerud and Andreas Udne
Dancers: Alexander Aarø, Elisabeth C. Holth, Guro Gulstad and Severin Romer Iversen
Costumes: Svein Ove Kirkhorn
Production: Dans i Trøndelag
Co-producers: Turnéteateret i Trøndelag, Riksscenen, Ål Kulturhus

Premiere 10th November 2018, Dampsaga, Steinkjer
You can watch the performance here:

Photo: Svein Ove Kirkhorn