Odd Johan Fritzøe

Residents – A Construction Kit

Choreography: Odd Johan Fritzøe
Music: fe-mail - Maja Ratkje & Hild Tafjord
Scenography: Karl Hansen
Script: Cecilie Løveid
Costumes: Svein Ove Kirkhorn
Dancers: Odd Johan Fritzøe & Thomas Gundersen

Premiere 11 October 2002, Black Box Theater, part of the ULTIMA Festival

Playfulness and rhythm are key elements of this successful show which has been performed 258 times at cultural centers, festivals, and schools. Eight sculptures with inbuilt sound reproduction equipment give the two dancers an opportunity to build in sound, form, and movement. Choreographed for children and an audience seated on all four sides.

You can watch the performance here:
See clips from the tour here: https://vimeo.com/141773718
Photo: Svein Ove Kirkhorn