Odd Johan Fritzøe


Choreography: Odd Johan Fritzøe
Scenography: Karl Hansen
Music: Igor Stravinsky
Dancers: Ouasim Ahssain, Rohil Arif, Kadi Cham, Marion Lund Fransrud, Inger-Helene Jeremiassen, Mira Kristiansen, Vijai Kurunathan, Ida Aisha Macauley, Suad Mahdi, Hermon Selemon, Ane Bækken Soleim, Ousam Souleymane & Azzedin Souleymane.

Premiere 29 November 2012, Norwegian National Opera and Ballet.

Stravinsky’s «Rite of Spring» with thirteen hip hop artist from the lighthouse of dance, The Planet, in an Oslo suburb – Grorud. Oslo City Council asked Odd Johan Fritzøe and Karl Hansen to join forces, and the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet welcomed the show as a feature in its diversity program. Adolescents, all equipped with a shield for protection and to form a collective pattern face the audience seated on all four sides of the stage. There is no sacrifice, but occasionally an individual leaves the group, examines it from the outside and ponders.

Photo: Odd Geir Sæter
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