Odd Johan Fritzøe


Choreography: Odd Johan Fritzøe
Music: Hild Tafjord
Scenography and costumes: Torhild Berg
Lighting: Stig Framnes
Dancers: Trond André Hansen, Thomas Lægreid Gundersen, Mikkel Are Olsen & Chenno Tim
Producer: CODA International Dance Festival 2007, Oslo

Premiere 27th September 2007 as part of the CODA 2007 Festival, Trikkehallen, Oslo.

Four large balls each with an inbuilt audio system create a fluid landscape of sounds and shapes. Two break dancers meet two contemporary dancers in a chamber play about difficult lightness and pleasant heaviness. The ballet was originally conceived as a show for secondary schools. Shown ten times during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 8–18 August 2008.

You can watch the performance here: https://vimeo.com/124295523
Photo: Christian Elgvin